Under the Sea Week

Under the Sea Week has been so fun! The ocean has always fascinated me – in part because of the unending amount of creatures and colors, and in part because I think I may be part fish (I love swimming).  This week had a lot of water play and it was delightful (and only required … More Under the Sea Week

Ava Feels Sick

A few weeks ago, Ava was feeling a little under the weather. She had a really really runny nose and was just a tad slower and crankier than usual. She didn’t have a fever or much of a cough so we did our best to push through, giving her lots of water, oranges and TLC. … More Ava Feels Sick

Sea Foam Bubbles

There’s something about Under the Sea Week that makes me want to play in water all the time. We may not live by the ocean, but we can at least play with shells and beautiful blue water! So this was originally an idea that I found on Pinterest, and as with a lot of those, … More Sea Foam Bubbles

Not a Box

I love love love when you can make connections for kids- taking something that is happening in their day and reading a corresponding book (or vice versa). Today we got to do that with a big Amazon box that came and one of my favorite children’s books called “Not a Box.” Because obviously this is … More Not a Box

Ocean Sensory Bottle

It’s Under the Sea Week at our house! I’ve been loving all the brightly colored fish and water play, but kept wanting to find ways to include Mabel (my six month old). We had previously made a baby sensory bag that she liked, but it didn’t make sense to leave it taped to the floor.  … More Ocean Sensory Bottle

Baby Sensory Bag

Now I had seen this on Pinterest/Instagram for awhile, and had always wanted to try it.  As with most things that you find online, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be… or at the very least it took me a few tries. I filled a gallon sized zip-lock bag with water, blue … More Baby Sensory Bag

Ice Play

I think ice play is one of those easily forgotten kid activities that can keep them entertained for hours, but yet requires enough pre-planning that we rarely do it.  Well this time, I decided I was going to do the work to help “future Jenna.” I found some ice trays and cupcake tins at Goodwill … More Ice Play

Dinosaur Week

Our first theme week was DINOSAUR WEEK and Ava (and I) absolutely loved it.  I was lucky to be able to borrow a lot of dinosaur toys and books from a mommy friend, which helped a ton! From my Theme Week post, here are what we did for our theme categories: Field Trip – We went to … More Dinosaur Week

Theme Weeks

I recently decided to start adding themes to our schedule at home, and honestly I love it.  Instead of having an infinite amount of activities to choose from, I can streamline it.  It makes planning and prepping SO much easier for me and lowers my stress during the week. I figured out that the biggest … More Theme Weeks