Ocean Sensory Bottle

It’s Under the Sea Week at our house! I’ve been loving all the brightly colored fish and water play, but kept wanting to find ways to include Mabel (my six month old).

We had previously made a baby sensory bag that she liked, but it didn’t make sense to leave it taped to the floor.  We have a dog and I kept imagining the dog running to the door and having an accidental toe nail cause a mini-tsunami.

I hate one-time use toys.  It feels wasteful to me – both in money and time. SO I decided I was going to reuse the colorful water from the sensory bag and give it new life — in a bottle.  Okay, so that was more over-dramatic than necessary. Basically the point is, I didn’t want to throw it out, so I put the blue glittery water (and animal) into a VOSS water bottle (my favorite for sensory bottles).

We had been air-drying some water beads so we could reuse them later, so I grabbed some clear ones and some blue ones and threw them in too.


I had left a little space at the top so the girls could see the movement of the water, but definitely put in more water beads than I thought I did (they start super small and get to the size of marbles).  The look is completely different than I had in my head, but it’s better I think.  The marbles stick out at the top, so you can really see them move in there.


For these kind of sensory bottles, you can use a hot glue gun to close it (to prevent toddler interventions) but for today, I just used packing tape.  I do that when I’m feeling non-committal (and when I want to eventually remove the toys on the inside of the bottle).


Mabel’s been enjoying rolling it around and occasionally trying to put it in her mouth.  I’d say for a baby activity, that’s a pretty good sign!

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