Baby Sensory Bag

Now I had seen this on Pinterest/Instagram for awhile, and had always wanted to try it.  As with most things that you find online, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be… or at the very least it took me a few tries.

I filled a gallon sized zip-lock bag with water, blue food coloring, glitter and a few ocean animals.  Shook it up and taped it to the floor with painter’s tape.


It looked really cool, but I soon realized some basic mistakes:

  1. Painter’s Tape is NOT baby proof.  Mabel quickly tore it off the floor and tried to eat it.  Solution? Switch to clear packing tape.  Another preschool teacher friend also suggested duct tape (bonus points if you get it in a fun design!).
  2. If you trap too much air in the bag, it makes it really easy to poke a hole in and causes leaks.  Solution? Remove air before sealing bag.
  3. ALWAYS TRIM BABY NAILS FIRST.  We had a leak pretty quickly.
  4. One bag is too flimsy. Solution? Double bag it.  OR you can take the advice from more of my preschool teaching friends: “Extra sturdy freezer bags always lasted a few plays at preschool.” and “Try a food-saver bag.”


Once I did a few slight adjustments – the main one being the type of tape and then double bagging the whole thing, Mabel really liked it.  Then once the toddler noticed all the cool stuff happening, she came and played too.

This was great for Mabel’s tummy time, but also helped her practice her new skill – sitting up!  She was able to shift her weight from hand to hand and practice balancing as she hit the bag. BONUS points!


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