Ava Feels Sick

A few weeks ago, Ava was feeling a little under the weather. She had a really really runny nose and was just a tad slower and crankier than usual. She didn’t have a fever or much of a cough so we did our best to push through, giving her lots of water, oranges and TLC. … More Ava Feels Sick

Theme Weeks

I recently decided to start adding themes to our schedule at home, and honestly I love it.  Instead of having an infinite amount of activities to choose from, I can streamline it.  It makes planning and prepping SO much easier for me and lowers my stress during the week. I figured out that the biggest … More Theme Weeks

Just Breathe and BE

Lately, I’ve had this really intense awareness of how short this time in life is. The milestones keep coming, they keep growing and learning… and it’s wonderful and bittersweet at the same time. Being a parent means constantly caring for other people’s needs, as well as your own, and the busyness of it all can … More Just Breathe and BE

Two Years Ago

I remember this moment so vividly. Ava was one month old and was going to have a weigh-in at the doctor appointment to see if she had gotten back up to birth weight. They told us if she didn’t make it, she would have to have surgery. Ava’s birth weight was 5 lbs 12 oz, … More Two Years Ago