Ava’s Big Girl Bed

img_7050This week, we decided it was time for Ava to move from crib to big girl bed!  She is getting close to the high limit for the crib, and honestly I just kinda knew it was time.  I was watching her on the monitor and it just hit me – let’s do this NOW.

I’m the kind of person where it usually takes me a little while to commit to an idea, but once I’m there, I’m head first, all in.   In fact, I would’ve been ready to do it that Tuesday, but we couldn’t find a sheet set that fit her bed and had to wait for the Amazon order to come in. In hindsight, it worked out even better, because then I had some time to plan.

As with most of my parenting, it ended up being half planned, half improvised.  I got some amazing advice from my Facebook friends who had done this before – hype it up, include her in the process, do it early in the day so she can practice at naptime and then be ready with wine (for the parents).  Well I am AWESOME at the hype part – mainly cuz I get so excited for stuff, most people will get excited with me.  It also happened that we were already planning to go to a “meet the princesses” event at a local indoor play space on Friday night.  Anna and Elsa were going to be there and they are Ava’s FAVORITE.  The girls playing the princesses were amazing, and talked to Ava about her big girl bed and agreed/played along when we talked about the special blanket they were sending her.

That night after Ava went to bed, we wrapped up two items I had already picked up for Ava – an Anna nightgown and a Frozen blanket.  Using Amazon bags we had around, I just wrote on the gift tags special messages from Anna and Elsa.


When Ava woke up, she was SO excited to see her presents. My parents were in town, so Ava helped her dad and Grandpa Randy convert the crib – which is to say, she took the screws from Dan and handed them to Grandpa.


I should also tell you: Ava’s nursery is Wizard of Oz themed.  I thought about letting Ava pick out her new bedding as a way to get her involved, but selfishly I wasn’t ready to let the decor go yet.  I figured there will be years and years where Ava will get to choose, so I could keep the nursery like this a little while longer.


When the bed was all ready, Ava climbed in and experimented with her new pillow.  She was so excited – it was adorable!  We tucked her in with her new blanket from Elsa and she just kept giggling.  We let her play and practice getting in and out, and then the day went normally. The true test would be nap time.

She actually surprised me – nap time went well (she got out once but went right back in) and so did bedtime.  The rest of the week went well too.  The only new behavior is that Ava will come and knock on her door when she’s ready to get up.  She hasn’t figured out yet how to get out of the room, so she’ll yell “Mama! Daddy!” and knock on her door.  Today at nap time, she could hear Mabel crying, so went to her door and knocked until Dan opened her door and goes, “Mabel sad!”

Hopefully things continue to go well… at least until she figures out how to open the door. lol

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