Music Week

Music has always been a constant in our house. I like singing and silly dancing with the girls, so this seemed like a natural theme for us. When my friend (who teaches music classes for kids) offered to let us borrow some instruments, I started to get super excited about it. This theme had a … More Music Week

Cactus Sensory Bottle

I love sensory bottles.  I think they are good at almost every age, but I especially love them for baby play.  I’ve found it’s a way to include Mabel in our Theme Weeks that safely lets her explore the world.  It gives her access to small items that I couldn’t otherwise give her. Sensory bottles are fun … More Cactus Sensory Bottle

Ocean Sensory Bottle

It’s Under the Sea Week at our house! I’ve been loving all the brightly colored fish and water play, but kept wanting to find ways to include Mabel (my six month old). We had previously made a baby sensory bag that she liked, but it didn’t make sense to leave it taped to the floor.  … More Ocean Sensory Bottle

Baby Sensory Bag

Now I had seen this on Pinterest/Instagram for awhile, and had always wanted to try it.  As with most things that you find online, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be… or at the very least it took me a few tries. I filled a gallon sized zip-lock bag with water, blue … More Baby Sensory Bag

Water Tray Toes

This one was fun! I got the idea from Play Hooray – add some sensory fun by placing a tray of water under your little one’s toes in their bouncer. They can kick and splash and play. For us, it came with some extra giggles once Mabel realized what was happening. Next time, I might … More Water Tray Toes