Mabel’s 7 Month Update

My little baby is already seven months.  We have been together over half a year. Over 200 days.  And so much has changed, even in the last month.

img_4821Mabel is getting stronger every day – I think she is trying to keep up with her big sister. She rolls everywhere and has just started to sit up (and yet has seemed to master it over the last week). We have introduced new foods (which she loves) and are taking steps to move farther away from milk and more into “real” food.

I wasn’t able to breastfeed Ava (my eldest), so that has been an adventure for me and Mabel.  She had a tongue and lip tie that was thankfully caught early on, so once we got past the first few weeks, everything seemed fairly normal.  I adore the cuddles and the closeness that comes with breastfeeding, at yet still have moments where I miss handing off a bottle. Mabel can take a bottle, but then it uses the few packs of frozen breast milk I have left, so we tend to avoid it if possible. Knowing that it will be over soon makes it feel more special, more fleeting. I want to whisper a wish in her ear: “Just stay small a little while longer. Mama’s got you.”

We went to volunteer for the first time (at a nursing home) and Mabel was wonderful – smiling at everyone and saying hello. Her smile just brightens everyone’s day.


Mabel has always been into books, but now she is sitting up enough to join in on Ava’s storytime too. I love watching Dan read to his girls.


Mabel has started to wiggle her butt when she is pushing up on her hands – she is just itching to MOVE. I can already tell crawling is just around the corner. Again: can we just slow time down a little bit? Please?

I want to capture this moment in time and remember it always. Mabel and I filmed a little update that I’d love to share with you.  I want to try to do a few more videos (I really enjoyed doing them with the Ava June & Mommy Too vlog) but, as always, it will depend if I have editing time.  Once the girls have their nap/quiet time at the same time, I’ll have time again… right? Right? lol

You can watch Mabel’s update here:

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