MogiMogi Baby Bath Packs

Mabel and I got to try out some MogiMogi Baby bath packs and are so excited to share them with you! The MogiMogi Baby company approached us and asked us to create a “How-To Video” for them and we are so glad they did!  I’d never tried a bath soak before, but had heard for a long time how good oatmeal is for a baby’s skin.


This product has the oats PLUS something called yomogi, and both help naturally clean and moisturize.  It’s basically like a spa treatment for your little one!

The bath experience was soothing and calming and it’s so gentle on your baby’s skin! We loved how soft Mabel’s skin felt afterwards.


Want to see how it works?  Here is our video explaining how to use it!:

We love it and highly recommend it!  We love everything about it so far – including the convenience factor. We try to travel fairly often and the idea that we can bring just a bath pack instead of shampoo, washcloths, baby soap and lotion is a huge perk.

Find more information at MogiMogi Baby.

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Affiliate disclaimer: I received free product to review for this video.

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