Rice Cactus Craft

It had been years since I had done a craft like this. Maybe even since I was a kid – it’s a classic. You need construction paper, a tray, glue, colored rice, white rice and sand. First I cut out the shapes we needed – a big green cactus, a white cloud and some wavey orange sand. Then I asked Ava to help me place the shapes (with a little guidance so she knew what the orange part was intended to be). We glued them in place.

You should make sure you do the next part over your tray. I used elmer’s glue and made some wiggly lines on the cloud. Then we poured the white rice on the glue and lifted the paper up and shook it off – so the rice that wasn’t stuck on the wet glue would go on the tray. Then we did the same thing with the cactus shape and green rice. A few pieces of green rice got on the cloud (cuz the glue there was still wet) but it wasn’t too bad.

Then we did a wiggly line of glue on the orange paper and poured sand on it. Ava really loved doing this part. It was really nice to have the tray underneath because it keeps the mess contained.

I really love how these look when they are done. Colorful and textured. And when it’s dry, you can tough the prickly cactus and the rough sand.

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