Air Dry Clay Cactus Craft

When I’m doing a Theme Week, I love crafts that can also double as decoration, and this turned out super cute, so I was happy to have it on display. You need mini clay pots (3/4″ work well), green air-dry clay, white pipe cleaners (cut into small pieces), toothpicks, small fake flowers (optional), and rocks (optional).

Fill the pot with clay to form a base, then place a sphere or tube shape of clay on top. Your child can help as much as they are able.

Next, let your child add whatever “prickly” pokey thing to make the cactus spines (toothpicks or pipe cleaners). This was Ava’s favorite part.

We added (and then later removed) some rocks around the base and added a few flowers.

When you’re done, just let dry overnight. They last for awhile too – it’s been almost five months and ours are still okay.

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