DIY Light Up Cactus

When Desert Moms blog invited me to do a write up about our All About Cactus Week (coming soon!), I got excited about creating a playspace.  Especially since I had already been thinking about doing Mabel’s first birthday party as a cactus theme – I figured anything I made/used for the theme week, I could … More DIY Light Up Cactus

Cactus Sensory Bottle

I love sensory bottles.  I think they are good at almost every age, but I especially love them for baby play.  I’ve found it’s a way to include Mabel in our Theme Weeks that safely lets her explore the world.  It gives her access to small items that I couldn’t otherwise give her. Sensory bottles are fun … More Cactus Sensory Bottle

Rainbow Whisk

Delightful. Magical. Simple.  A plastic whisk (we used one similar to this) and some scarves led to dancing with rainbows at our house and it was gorgeous. All we did was tie the rainbow scarves to the whisk, then let Ava play.  I did have to remind her a few times to lift the scarves … More Rainbow Whisk

Butterfly Week

There is an amazing place near us called Butterfly Wonderland, so I knew that I wanted to do a Butterfly week.  I find butterflies to be pretty fascinating anyway, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar is such a classic that I was excited about the chance to dive deeper into it.  I picked up a butterfly puppet for … More Butterfly Week

Under the Sea Week

Under the Sea Week has been so fun! The ocean has always fascinated me – in part because of the unending amount of creatures and colors, and in part because I think I may be part fish (I love swimming).  This week had a lot of water play and it was delightful (and only required … More Under the Sea Week

Sea Foam Bubbles

There’s something about Under the Sea Week that makes me want to play in water all the time. We may not live by the ocean, but we can at least play with shells and beautiful blue water! So this was originally an idea that I found on Pinterest, and as with a lot of those, … More Sea Foam Bubbles