Rainbow Whisk

Delightful. Magical. Simple.  A plastic whisk (we used one similar to this) and some scarves led to dancing with rainbows at our house and it was gorgeous.



All we did was tie the rainbow scarves to the whisk, then let Ava play.  I did have to remind her a few times to lift the scarves higher (they can be slippery if you step on them while on tile floor), but otherwise she did really well.

These scarves are so beautiful as they move through the air – and really fun to wave around.  If you put on some music, you could even do a form of interpretive dance (which I always find delightful and silly) and try to move the rainbow to the music.


I think I had almost as much fun watching this one as participating.  Although, once Ava saw what I was doing, she didn’t want to share… which means it’s definitely toddler-approved.


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