Desert Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was fairly easy to put together – it’s sand, rocks, popsicle stick cactuses and sand toys.

To make the popsicle stick cactus, I grabbed some green popsicle sticks from a pack I already had and cut them into four pieces.  Using my hot glue gun, I attached the cactus arms. I also made sure to put some hot glue on any part that I had cut (to cover the rough bits), so on the outside of the cactus arm as well.


When they were done, they looked like this:


When I put all the supplies in the bin, the invitation to play looked like this:

Ava LOVES this sensory table.  Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with sand if you are okay with risking the mess.  Ava has been pretty good with keeping everything in the sensory table, and we keep the table on a rug I don’t mind getting sand on, so even if she misses the table, it’s not a big deal.

She’s been making “cakes” and topping them with the wood cactus. Sometimes she uses the cactus to stir her “cake.”



We will definitely be bringing this one back again – it’s so much fun!

See more about our All About Cactus Week here!

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