Dinosaur Feet

As soon as I picked the dinosaur theme, I knew I wanted to make Dinosaur Feet.  It’s really easy and really silly – my favorite.

We were having a play date, so I talked to the other moms, who also came with supplies. The night before, I took two tissue boxes and emptied them, then covered in white paper (just using glue stick, computer paper and tape).  I also cut some “dino toes” out of construction paper so that we could add them quickly at the end.

We set the kids up with crayons and markers and let them go to town.  I’ve found the level of decoration is directly connected to the level of distraction, but as long as there’s some color on it, your project is a success!

img_1067After Ava was done coloring, we taped on the toes and then let her put it on her feet.  All three of us moms discovered VERY quickly that tissue boxes on tile is really slippery, so we all moved to the carpet.


The kids liked sliding around and making dinosaur noises.  Ava decided she wanted them off her feet, so we tried using them as dinosaur hands instead.


I love activities like this because it’s multifaceted and covers a lot of areas- creativity, small motor skills (coloring), imagination, dramatic play, science, and large motor skills.

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