“I can and I will.”

A while ago, I came across a really interesting article on actress Gina Rodriguez and her sisters. In a rags to riches storyline, they talked about how even though the family didn’t always had it easy, there was this strong mantra (courtesy of her father) that they repeated at the start of every day- “Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will.”

The three sisters grew up to be at the top of their fields – “Ivelisse Rodriguez Simon graduated from Harvard Business School and is now a partner at a private-equity firm. Rebecca Rodriguez is the medical director of one of the best family-health clinics in the country. And Gina Rodriguez won a Best Actress Golden Globe for her starring role in Jane the Virgin.”

I keep thinking about this. Firstly, I just love this family because any group of kick-butt women just makes me happy. But more than that, it struck me as a secret power or a magic potion of sorts. To start your day with physical activity (they did jumping jacks every morning) and positive self-talk seemed GENIUS to me. They basically built self-care into their daily schedule. And it’s so simple, and so smart! Move your body and be positive when you get up.

And then I thought about it more and it stuck me AGAIN how powerful those words are. “Today will be a great day.” It’s hard to have a bad day when you’ve told yourself it’s going to be great. “I can and I WILL.” It’s not enough to just believe you can do something- you need the action behind it. And it is amazing the calm that comes from a firm belief in self. It gives you the power over your circumstances too- even when the odds are against you, you know you can handle it.

Imagine going into a job interview, and you know you can do the job, and you feel you will get the job, so you aren’t stressed about the interview at all. You exude confidence and so the people around you also start to believe you can do that job. This kind of life approach is SO powerful. Especially when you can back it up with actions: there’s a hard problem at work, but it doesn’t wreck your confidence. You know you are smart enough, and you CAN fix the problem or find someone who can, so you don’t take it personally when it’s not working. Then you decide you WILL fix it so you do the work required (even if that is finding someone else who can help) until the problem is solved. Then it reiterates your belief that you can solve problems. It’s genius!

So what is your mantra? What do we tell ourselves every morning that either helps us or hurts us?

“Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will.”

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