Small Motor Coins

So this is one of the easiest activities we do that actually holds Ava’s attention for a long time. I found this metal piggy bank in Target’s dollar section in the front of the store (one of my favorite places for quick grab activities).

We have a coin jar (where all the random coins go to collect dust) that we add to occasionally, so I already had the coins and figured this would be great for small motor skills.

Plus I know my daughter- she’s super musically inclined and is fascinated with how things sound. When she was a baby, Ava would use her stacking cups and hit them on our tile floor to see what they sounded like. What’s it sound like when you hit them together? On the corner, flat on the ground? What sound does it make when they roll? She would constantly explore and it would hold her attention for a long time, even as a baby.

So when I saw the metal tin, I figured she would be into it… but she surprised me with how long she played.

She listened to the coins drop to the bottom, listened to the difference in a jar full of coins vs an empty jar. She shook the container and was startled by how loud it was, then laughed. She wanted the lid on for awhile, then off so she could put a handful of coins in at the same time.

I love watching kids play. I like observing what they are trying to figure out, what they find interesting and what they don’t. This simple activity was super interesting for both of us.

*This activity needs to be supervised so your kiddo doesn’t put the coins in their mouth.*

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