Ivory Soap Snow

Ivory Soap Snow is a preschool classroom favorite of mine- it’s a little goopy, a little slippery and super squishy. Since Ava has been pretty obsessed with Frozen, Elsa and winter, I knew I was gonna bring this recipe out. It’s pretty easy:

One roll of toilet paper – shredded

One bar of ivory soap – grated

One cup (ish) of warm water

Warm the water in the microwave and then pour in the grated soap, mixing as you pour. Let it dissolve as much as possible and then pour over the shredded toilet paper. Now smush everything together! Little hands can help- but you gotta make sure it’s not too warm and it is pretty weird feeling so for sensory sensitive kids may want to wait for the adult to do it.  Mix until it’s a smooth (ish) consistency.

When it’s done, it’s a little like wet playdough – you can mold it and shape it. I like to pair it with figurines (like the animals in the pictures) but anything will do!

The best thing about this activity is that it is the cleanest messy play possible- it’s really just soap and water so rinses off easily.

It can last for awhile too! After we made it, I formed it into a ball and covered with plastic wrap and kept it in a plastic tub and it lasted several weeks.

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