Rainbow Play

I absolutely love when my planning coincides with life events and then the playtime can move organically. This magical alignment of a situation doesn’t always happen, so it made my mommy heart happy.

I had purchased some rainbow blocks and this delightful rainbow ribbon book and hadn’t showed them to Ava yet. Then, two days after the Amazon package showed up, there was a rainbow on our walk.

I live in the desert so rain doesn’t happen very often… and when it does, you get out and DANCE.

The first day it rained, we played and sang in the rain, splashed in the puddles, put mud on our faces and looked for rainbows. Ava started saying “Rain-BOW! Come ‘ere!!!!” and we sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”… but no rainbow.

Then on the second stormy day, we finally saw one on our walk! HURRAY!

I pulled out the “What Makes A Rainbow” book and we talked about the different colors. Ava is getting better with identifying them, but if you ask her about colors, she usually starts by saying “Yellow!” – I’m not sure if that’s her favorite color or if that’s just the one she remembers first.

Once we finished reading, I pulled out the rainbow blocks. She started trying to set up the arches, then putting them together in a rainbow shape.

We started talking about the colors and I asked her if she could find me a food that was orange (in her play kitchen). Soon, it evolved into a color sorting activity and she was getting excited every time she matched the colors… and I was too.

I love this because once you introduce the idea of color sorting, it’s really easy to do it as an activity wherever you are. Out to brunch? Dump the sugar packets out and sort them into piles (blue, pink, yellow, brown, white). It’s also a great start to talking about colors in general – pointing them out, coloring with a rainbow of colors, focusing on one color at a time etc.

Books That Feature Rainbows and/or Colors:
White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker
I Love You More Than Rainbows by Susan E. Crites
Redbird: Colors, Colors, Everywhere! by Barney Saltzberg
Jubal’s Wish by Audrey Wood

*The links above are affiliate links.*

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