Magnet Play

Magnet Play (3)

Today was all about magnet play. I found these magnetic wands on Amazon- did you know they are really for bingo? These colorful chips have a metal ring around the edge so you can use the wands to pick up the pieces easily after bingo games. I’ve only seen them in classrooms before, so it was news to me! Ava did pretty good with the small pieces but you could also put these in a clear plastic water bottle (with baby oil or without) and then a little one can still play with magnets without worrying about them putting the pieces in their mouths 😊

We tried writing her name in the chips (yay literacy!) and then picking them up, tried stacking the pieces to see how strong the magnet was, and tried stealing the chips from each other.



*The chips are technically choking hazards so this activity should be supervised.*
**The links to items above are affiliate links.**

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